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Advent Quiz: Day 8

Sorry, I’m a few days behind. I actually had to do some work. Jeez.

Day 7 here.

Day 8 is an entertainment round and is the last quiz before I gave up and made everything as easy as I could without actually insulting my quizzees.

  1. Hello, Goodbye was the last Christmas No 1 for which group?

2. Hugh Grant plays the prime minister in which Christmas film?

3. In Home Alone, what nickname do the burglars give themselves, based on their habit of leaving the taps running in the homes they invade?

4. Which gothic filmmaker wrote A Nightmare Before Christmas?

5. Which of the Simpsons characters gave an alternative to the Queen’s Christmas speech on Channel 4 in 2004?


Romance author

2 thoughts on “Advent Quiz: Day 8

  1. 1) The Beatles
    2) Love, Actually – not 100% sure of this one, as I’ve not seen the film, but I have read about it
    3) nope, can’t remember that one, it’s been years since I’ve seen the movie
    4) Tim Burton
    5) nope, it would just be a random guess


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