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Advent Quiz: Day 7

Day 6, board games special, is here.

Today is a music round, and I warn you that it’s slanted towards the last decade or so. Age is kicking youth’s butt here in the office and the benevolent quizmaster is trying to restore some balance…

Name the artist of these UK Christmas Number 1s:

  1. 2 Become 1

2. Killing in the Name

3. Perfect

4. Sound of the Underground

5. A Moment Like This


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5 thoughts on “Advent Quiz: Day 7

  1. Waaah. I only know one of them, number 3 – that was Ed Sheeran. And the only reason I know it is because I saw a reference to it the other day and thought …but I thought it was Eddi Reader who did that song….

    I’m outta here. Tail between legs, like an old dog should.

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  2. Well, at least I’ve heard of three of those musicians/bands. I had no clue. And I’m laughing that Jon knew a Spice Girls song.


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