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An Author’s Dubious Search History

Authors are a hindrance to anti-terror efforts all over the world.

Why? Because of this:


Due to our Google searches, authors must make up a good 70% of anti-terror watch lists. And while we’re being investigated for searching Does Quicklime Really Dissolve Corpses Quickly?, the real terrorists and criminals are getting away with it.

By the way, when your colleagues are discussing TV shows, don’t jump in with, “Actually, that’s not accurate. It takes several minutes of continuous inhalation for chloroform to render a victim unconscious. And also, strangling somebody is nowhere near as easy as TV makes it look.” You’ll suddenly find that nobody wants to work on 1:1 projects with you.


In my file alone, there are search records including:

1. What’s the parasite that swims into the penis?

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Reasons I Distrust You

My friend and author A. S. Akkalon’s blog topic this week was Reasons I Trust You.

Because I’m lazy, I’m borrowing her topic.

In a half-arsed attempt to be original and because I’m antisocial and not a very nice person I’m doing Reasons I Distrust You.

1. You’re nice to me.

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