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Agent Q&A: Amanda Jain of BookEnds Literary Agency

UPDATE:  When I wrote this, Amanda was at Inklings Literary Agency. She’s now at BookEnds Literary, and I went with her, of course. Please check BookEnds for her latest submission guidelines and don’t rely on this post!

Everybody knows the most time consuming part of querying: stalking agents online to find out everything from their favourite movie to their mum’s shoe size and then realising you can’t put any of that in your query anyway because then they’ll know you’re a freaky Stalker McStalkerson.

This process of stalking is so much easier when the agent obliges with a social media presence.

To aid and assist agent-seeking authors in this quest, I bribed my agent extraordinaire Amanda Jain (with Mr Kiplings Fondant Fancies) to answer your questions about querying.


Amanda has worked at Inklings since 2014 and is actively looking for new clients. A profile and details of what she’s looking for can be found on the Inklings website and her Twitter.

I can attest that she has a wicked sense of humour, is wonderfully editorial, loves Oxford commas, and isn’t fazed by dealing with neurotic authors (um… a friend told me that last bit… totally not me.)

Speaking of authors being a strange bunch, your first question to Amanda was:


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Blog Hijack #1: Awkwardness

I made the rash and foolish decision to hand over control of my blog to a bunch of writers. I made an imprudent promise to blog about anything and everything they told me to.

I did protect myself somewhat. I said I wouldn’t stoop to any subject that would lose me subscribers like dead baby jokes or how Justin Bieber isn’t actually that bad and maybe we shouldn’t laugh when he falls down a trapdoor. (If you haven’t seen it, google it. Trust me.)

My first blog hijack is from Iris: A list of the most hilariously awkward things that have ever happened to you.

Oh boy.


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Flash Fiction

I tried flash fiction for the first time, limited to 450 words with the prompt ‘workplace drama.’ I came up with this quick and dirty tale.

By the way, it’s not wish fulfillment. I like most of my colleagues. Even the one who sniffs all day. Even the one who uses my mug. MY mug, with Wonderwoman on it. Even the one who puts the tea bags in the general waste bin even though the composting bin is right next to it and everyone knows a polar bear dies each time someone doesn’t recycle properly.


TheFlash.png Flashheart (Lord Flashheart)

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