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My PitchWars Wishlist – Give me ALL THE BOOKS

Click here for a text-only version of my wishlist in a Google doc

What is Pitch Wars?

This year I’m a mentor for Pitch Wars, a fabulous writer mentorship scheme that has helped many writers find agents and publishers. I’ll have the honour of choosing a writer to work with for three months, developing their manuscript to be the best it can be before we present it to agents in the February showcase.


Who am I?

I’m 31, female, and live in London with three cats. I’m debating how soon is too soon to go for a fourth and really cement my path on that ‘old cat lady’ road. 32?

I’m a professional nonfiction writer and editor for a day job. In my spare time I read, write fiction, play PC games, and get bullied by the cats.


I’m represented by Amanda Jain at BookEnds. My first publication was a novella, with a small press, at the end of 2018. My debut novel was released right at the start of the pandemic by Headline, an imprint of Big 5 publisher Hachette. I’ve been through an agency change with my agent. I’ve signed contracts with publishers on two continents. I’ve seen the publishing industry from a lot of angles, and I have ADVICE! 

I do a lot of critiquing and beta reading and I’m mentioned in a couple of books’ acknowledgements, which is one of my proudest achievements.

You can see a short critique from me – of a contemporary romance query and first page – on the Pitch Wars website:

Day 5 (Part 1) of the Pitch Wars Mentor Workshops with Anna Kaling

Wishlist Overview

I know you have a tonne of wishlists to get through (though mine is definitely the best, just ignore the others) so let’s get straight into it.

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