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Advent Quiz: Day 5

Play Day 4 here.

Today is an entertainment / pop culture round, so if we don’t do well it’s obviously because we were born in the wrong decade for my old-fashioned / newfangled questions.

  1. What’s the name of the cartoon Simpsons’ dog?

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Check out Day 1 if you missed it. It occurs to me that some quiz questions are going to be UK-centric, so apologies to my international friends.

Today is an Arts and Books round. I know most of the people following this blog are avid readers, so FOR SHAME if you don’t ace it.

As always… no cheating!

  1. Who is Scrooge’s deceased business partner in A Christmas Carol?

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Advent Quiz: Day 1

Yes, it’s actually day three of advent, but I’m only doing week days. I agreed to be Christmas quizmaster at work so the team can fight it out for our advent calendar’s 0.2g of chocolate each day (0.6g on Mondays, as the winner gets the weekend chocolates as well). It’s fierce.

I thought I would share my quizzes with blog readers. You don’t get any chocolate, but I will count up the overall winner on the 21st (my last working day of the year) and mention you in a Tweet or something. Hashtag best Christmas quizmaster ever.

Day 1: Music Round

I’ll give you the opening lines of five famous Christmas songs. I want the title of each song. And it goes without saying… no cheating!

  1. It was Christmas Eve, babe

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Tulsi Vivah now available!

My m/m romance novella Tulsi Vivah is out in the big wide world!


The festival of Tulsi Vivah ushers in the Hindu wedding season and tears away the love of Kristopher’s life. Three years of passion and tenderness are reduced to a shameful skeleton in the closet as Arjuna submits to the marriage his parents have arranged for him. His family has never even heard Kristopher’s name.

The festival, a ritualistic wedding between the holy basil plant, Tulsi, and her eternal lover, Vishnu, is as much of a play-act as Arjuna’s upcoming nuptials, but he believes the wedding will honor his parents and please Vishnu. So why is his Tulsi plant—whose leaves heal and bless the devout, who is Vishnu’s representative on earth—dying? Arjuna tends to her with all the care of a concerned parent, but it might take more than his devotion to save her. She might need Kris, with his clever green-fingers—and maybe a revived Tulsi can heal two hearts.

Buy direct from the publisher:

Or on Amazon EU:

Amazon US:


Other Amazons and retailers also available.

If you do read, I would so much appreciate a review (does NOT have to be glowing!) on Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever else you hang out.

I hope you enjoy it!