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Advent Quiz: Last day!

This is the final quiz, readers, since I’m off work now until 2019.

So today is a special TRUE or FALSE round, and since it’s a little easier there are seven questions instead of five.

  1. Jesus had a brother called Simon.

2. Saint Nicholas, the inspiration behind the modern concept of Santa, was Turkish.

3. An average mince pie contains over 500 calories.

4. Next week, Santa will have around 2 billion children to deliver presents to.

5. In winter, both male and female reindeer have antlers.

6. Jesus was actually born on 6 January.

7. This is myrrh:


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



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6 thoughts on “Advent Quiz: Last day!

  1. Well this has been fun. I’ll have a go:
    1) no idea, but I’ll guess false
    2) true
    3) true
    4) probably true, especially if he delivers to non-believers as well
    5) true
    6) false – hint: nobody actually knows when Jesus’s birthday actually was or would have been
    7) false, I think that’s Frankenstein …oh, wait….

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  2. 1. False. The NT names James as the brother of Jesus, and I think other brothers are mentioned, but not named.
    2. Um … well. Nicholas lived in what is now part of modern Turkey, but since there were no actual Turks there yet, it’s both true and false, really.
    3. True. Ghastly things.
    4. I’ll say True, inasmuch as that’s a hypothetical number anyway. Although not all Christian traditions have a Santa figure delivering presents, and not all on Dec 25th, so …
    5. True, I think.
    6. False. No date is given in the Gospel of Matthew, or even any indication of the season. 6th January was the original date for the chief celebration of Christmas, though (and still is on Orthodox traditions).
    7. False. Although if any of the Magi came from India I’m sure they brought pakora with them 🙂

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  3. Well, dog my woofs. This was fun. Even though I only managed to get a few right each time. And some of those were wild guesses. Just when I reach the point where I think I know everything—keeps me humble. Keeps me indoors. Keeps me quiet.

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