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Advent Quiz: Day 14

Day 13 here.

Today is a kind of mix of food and drink and entertainment and anything I could think of that didn’t seem too hard…

  1. In ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’, what vegetable does Jack Skellington have for a head?


2. What time does the Queen’s Christmas message get broadcast?

3. In ‘Miracle on 34th Street,’ what does a lawyer have to prove to get his client acquitted?

4. Oliver Cromwell made it illegal to eat which Christmas food?

5. In the 1996 Only Fools and Horses special, what superheroes do Del and Rodney dress up as?



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3 thoughts on “Advent Quiz: Day 14

  1. Once again, I’m feeling inadequate. Too old. Came from the wrong country. And etc. But here goes….
    1) I seem to recall seeing a guy with a turnip head, so I’ll say ‘turnip.’
    2) 3pm
    3) that he exists
    4) pudding?
    5) no flipping idea

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  2. 1. Dunno. Parsnip?
    2. 1500, on BBC1 anyway. (Never ever watched it, btw).
    3. That said client is the real Santa. The whole film is actually just an advert for Macy’s.
    4. It was actually the Barebones Parliament that outlawed Christmas, and instituted a fine for anyone caught eating plum pudding on the 25th of December. Good on ’em, I say!
    5. Batman and Robin. Can’t say I was ever a fan.

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