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Advent Quiz: Day 12

Day 11 here.

Today is a science and nature round. I use that phrase loosely.

  1. Apart from eggs, name any of the basic ingredients of egg nog.

2. How many points does a snowflake have?

3. What is a male reindeer called?

4. What is the chemical formula of snow?

5. What was the profession of Thomas Baker, the inventor of Christmas crackers?

a) Butcher

b) Baker

c) Candlestick maker


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5 thoughts on “Advent Quiz: Day 12

  1. 1. Advocaat. Empirical observations suggest snot.
    2. Five. Although some of them can argue for a lot longer.
    3. Stag? Buck? I bet half of them are called Rudolf.
    4. Dihydrogen monoxide.
    5. Aagh. I saw this on TV last night … Butcher?


  2. 1) booze, usually rum or brandy
    2) six, unless they expect special treatment
    3) bull
    4) aye, right
    5) this is annoying because I remember reading about him, but I can’t remember for sure. I seem to remember that he did it as a one-off, and it became really popular. I’ll have a guess that it’s candlestick maker.


  3. I quickly zoomed past the answers, so I could post my own incorrect answers.
    1. Eggnog also usually has milk or cream, sugar, and a spice such as nutmeg.
    2. There are six points on a snowflake.
    3. A male reindeer is called Uncle Buck
    4. Snow is H2O
    5. I’m going to go with baker. But could be candlestick maker.

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  4. Eggnog also usually has some kind of booze like rum or brandy. But eggnog is not actually just eggs and alcohol combined.


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