Advent Quiz: Day 10

Day 9 here.

Day 10 is a geography round. There is also a harder version if anybody wants it.

  1. Which city was the baby Jesus born in?

2. In which language might you be wished ‘Feliz Navidad?’

3. Which continent is Lapland in?

4. Which country does Christmas Island belong to?

5. Which country is the largest exporter of Christmas trees?

3 thoughts on “Advent Quiz: Day 10

  1. buggybite says:

    1) Well, the modern city of Jerusalem (but ancient town of Bethlehem?)
    2) Spanish
    3) Europe
    4) Australia
    5) I’d guess Canada, but I’m not positive


  2. Jon says:

    i’ll take the harder version, please.

    But re 1., who knows, since the Bethlehem thing is a total myth and Nazareth didn’t actually exist at the time. Some one-donkey village in Galilee, name long forgotten, probably.

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