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Advent Quiz: Day 6

Find Day 5 here.

Today is a board game special, because I love board games.

  1. Name the two Scrabble letters worth 10 points each.

2. Cavity Sam is the main character of which game?

3. Name the four railway stations in Monopoly. (Non UKers, feel free to use your local board!)

4. What is the name of the murder victim in Cluedo?

5. In Trivial Pursuit, how many coloured wedges do you need to collect before you can win?


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7 thoughts on “Advent Quiz: Day 6

  1. 1. Q and X
    2. Is there a game like Operation, only for teeth?
    3. Kings Cross, Marylebone, Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street (because they were the 4 termini used by the old London & North Eastern Railway, fact fans)
    4. Mrs. Victim.
    5. SIX, and I always have trouble collecting the pink one.


  2. 1) no idea – I don’t play Scrabble
    2) Cavity Sam? Absolutely no idea.
    3) Short Line RR, Pennsylvania RR, B&O RR and Reading RR
    4) no idea – I don’t play Cluedo
    5) I haven’t played Trivial Pursuit in about 20 years …I can’t remember

    If you like board games, you should try Parcheesi …It’s a classic, but seems to be unavailable here in the UK. It’s evil but not terribly complicated. But fights break out….


  3. My guess for Scrabble would have been X and Z. I know Reading is one of the Railway stations in Monopoly, and there are six? wedges in Trivial Pursuit : Geography, History, Science, Literature, Sports, Popular Culture. Clearly, I need Remedial Games 101.

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