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Advent Quiz: Day 4

Day 3 here.

Today’s theme is Christmas Around the World. I have started making the quizzes easier, following many despondent faces among the team.

  1. Which city put up this controversial sculpture of a Christmas tree in 2014? Click here for the pic – potentially NSFW…

2. Instead of reindeer, which animal delivers the presents in Syria?

3. In Greenland, which semi-aquatic mammal is eaten for Christmas dinner?

4. In which country is mulled wine called ‘glogg?’

a) Germany

b) Sweden

c) Wales

5. Which country gives the UK the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree each year?


Romance author

6 thoughts on “Advent Quiz: Day 4

  1. 1. Dunno. Paris?
    2. Camel?
    3. Polar bear? (going off semi-aquatic)
    4. a) Germany?
    5. Norway (one I actually know!)

    … and that was easier, was it?


  2. 1) I’d guess Paris because of the shape of the buildings’ roofs. And the fact that Parisians can be kinda arty.
    2) Gotta be a camel
    3) seal?
    4) Sweden (I know this one)
    5) Norway (I know this one as well)


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