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Advent Quiz: Day 1

Yes, it’s actually day three of advent, but I’m only doing week days. I agreed to be Christmas quizmaster at work so the team can fight it out for our advent calendar’s 0.2g of chocolate each day (0.6g on Mondays, as the winner gets the weekend chocolates as well). It’s fierce.

I thought I would share my quizzes with blog readers. You don’t get any chocolate, but I will count up the overall winner on the 21st (my last working day of the year) and mention you in a Tweet or something. Hashtag best Christmas quizmaster ever.

Day 1: Music Round

I’ll give you the opening lines of five famous Christmas songs. I want the title of each song. And it goes without saying… no cheating!

  1. It was Christmas Eve, babe

2. Snow is falling all around me

3. When the snowman brings the snow

4. Jig-a-de-jing ee-aw ee-aw

5. Oh, the weather outside is frightful

How many can you get?


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13 thoughts on “Advent Quiz: Day 1

  1. I only got #5. But while I listen to Christmas carols, I can’t sing, so I don’t have lots of lyrics memorized. I’m holding off on playing my Christmas music – I usually wait until the second week of December. Although I sneak in some instrumental Christnas music a few days ago.


  2. I did guess that number 1 might be Fairytale of New York, but I wasn’t sure. The others …sorry, I didn’t have a clue. I’m getting too classic.


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