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The nine main stereotypes of writers – with cats

I’m guilty of three. You?

The Cat's Write

There are so many writing stereotypes out there. For example, when most people picture a writer they imagine a poor-coffee-loving-intelligent-but-crazy-bohemian-hermit who spends their days dreaming up fantastical worlds and despicable murders. It may shock some people to learn that some writers love the sun, prefer to be outdoors, and actually, NO, they don’t know a single thing about how a computer works, but if you need help with anything Microsoft word related – well you’re in luck! (Another stereotype?? Whoops).

Here are what I think are the nine main stereotypes of writers:

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8 thoughts on “The nine main stereotypes of writers – with cats

      1. Definitely on the cats front. The night owl was one of my maybes – yes, if you count people who tend to get up when it’s still night. 🙂

        I’m insulted that you don’t think I’m rich and famous. 😉


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