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Eccentricity: It’s in the Genes

Recently, somebody¬†called me “eccentric” and I wasn’t entirely sure how to take it. I tried to take it eccentrically by¬†gathering 54 cats and moving into the forest but it turns out the forest doesn’t have WiFi. Fuck that.

I kept the cats though.


It’s not surprising that I sometimes come out with odd things. Like that time at work when my team were engaged in guerilla warfare with someone from other team [remind me to post about this sometime] and I suggested we kidnap his child. Apparently it wasn’t appropriate? Whatever. Would’ve worked and we would’ve got the wheels back for our desk chairs.

But that’s nowhere near as odd as some of the things my nan (grandmother) and mum have said. It’s in my genes. Continue reading “Eccentricity: It’s in the Genes”