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My first novel is UNTOUCHABLE, a contemporary romance set in London.

Rachel Shaw is destined to be a spinster cat lady, even though she’s only twenty-three and only has one cat – so far. She suffers from crippling contact phobia, thanks to growing up with junkies tainting her drug-addict mother and their home with grubby hands. Intimacy is out of the question, and she can’t imagine why anybody asks for it.

Her one shot at love is Alex Graham, the only man she’s ever trusted enough to touch. He respects her boundaries without question. He lets her get snot on his expensive shirts when she cries at sad movies. He even gives her the courage to stand up to her bullying boss.

Alex is as protective of his heart as she is of her body. She trusts him instinctively but he’s evasive about everything: his strangely-shaped scars, the business trips that leave him drained and haunted, the circumstances of his father’s death. Maybe he’ll let her into his world if she lets him into her personal space.

As they begin testing their boundaries, Alex’s double life catches up with him. A stranger arrives with score to settle, whispering Alex’s damning secrets into Rachel’s ear. Perhaps her 6’5” gentle giant isn’t so gentle. Perhaps his trips are personal rather than business. Perhaps everything he ever told her was a lie – maybe even when he claimed he wasn’t falling in love with her.

A second novel is in progress. Ally Rivers has fallen in love… with her BFF’s father.


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